Spiritual Art Carved on Wood

Welcome to Spiritart, Art inspired to connect to a deeper place using fine art as the vehicle. Spiritart is a brand created by the artist Andrew Muckler to showcase various paintings depicting things of a spiritual nature.
You will find that all images and recreations delve into the subject of personal spirituality using various visual metaphors and scenery. the mission of which is to inspire those on the spiritual path to find themselves and spread positivity.
Some subjects you will see involve reincarnation, Yin and Yang (masculine/Feminine), Meditation, Deities, enlightenment, etc.

Just as the name suggests, the original paintings of the prints are all carved on wood using a wood burner and painted using acrylic paint.

You will not see a photo of me (the Artist) on my shop page because i feel the focus should be on the art and not the instrument by which the art is created

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